Yoga at Workplace

There are so many types of Yoga that can be done at workplace - Desk Yoga, Chair Yoga, etc. We also have concept of Conference Yoga for productive meetings.

Meditation at Workplace

Meditation brings focus on the task at hand. We teach employees to deal with uncertain and stressful situations and focus on the work they are doing.

Yoga outside Workplace

We strongly feel Yoga should be an integral part of life. So, it should not matter if you are in office or not. We teach employees how to make small changes in life to get big benefits

About Me

I started this institution after a corporate experience of around 11 years in Internet of Things Domain with around 6 years in Yoga. While learning Yoga, I started consulting employees on how they can also be benefited by Yoga.

The first breakthrough came when HR of my own organization requested me to take a session. It was then followed by multiple such requests.

I then started getting calls from other organizations. It was then that I decided to do this in an organized way and created this platform.

My vision is to make Yoga intrude in every employee's life, one asana at a time.

Big Vision, but I am ready for it



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